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Have You, A Family Member, Or Someone You Love Ever Suffered An Injury While Using Lyft, Uber, Or Another Rideshare Service?

Regardless of whether you were behind the wheel as a driver, in the front seat as a passenger, or on the sidewalk as a pedestrian, if you were involved in the accident, our law office can provide the support and legal assistance you need.

In cases and claims that involve major companies and complex insurance coverages, timing is extremely critical. You need someone on your team who will fight for your rights. Rideshare giants such as Lyft and Uber will bring powerful representatives and attorneys to represent their interests, and you should too. We dig deep and conduct thorough, independent investigations; sometimes trained experts need to be hired and can become costly. We begin working from day one to champion your rights and see your case through to ensure you get a fair outcome.

All Rideshare Collisions And Accidents Should Be Taken Seriously.

Advancing technology and innovative apps have brought convenience and efficiency to many of our daily life situations. Apps like Uber and Lyft have made getting to and from locations easier today by offering affordable options for riders. These rideshare apps have quickly emerged as one of the most successful business models of the tech boom taking their businesses global; however, advancements in business and technology often open a window to potential problems as well; such as, safety and privacy.

As is sometimes true with large companies, Lyft and Uber may put its vast resources and network to use against you, working to deny your claim or simply make it disappear as best they can within their legal limitations. In either case, you must have an experienced attorney who is well versed in accident claims representing you. 

Can Lyft And Uber Increase Risk?

Driving for a rideshare app can be a rewarding job; you will even meet many interesting people, but a driver could encounter potential problems as well. Drivers may find themselves working long shifts, in demanding driving conditions, while navigating to the desired destination. This can amount to a dangerous trifecta, dramatically increasing the drivers’ risk of accidents due to driver error, driver distraction, and driver fatigue.

Most rideshare drivers are responsible, courteous, safe drivers, but with so many new hires happening daily it is a predictable conclusion that there will be a handful of irresponsible drivers hired as well. Typically, a driver’s past history and track record are easily attained and if they are, irresponsible drivers should never be hired; when they are hired, and they cause an accident, the rideshare company must be held accountable. 

As Qualified, Experienced Attorneys We Can Help Any Type Of Victim Involved In Rideshare Accidents.

Our law offices will make your case a top priority. We take every case on with enthusiasm and we pride ourselves on getting you the maximum benefits you are entitled to. Whether you’re a rideshare driver, third-party vehicle driver, passenger or pedestrian, we can represent you, and fight for you!

Rideshare attorneys understand the fine details and processes that are involved in complex rideshare accident cases, so it is critical that you consult with a qualified, experienced rideshare attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Never speak to insurance adjusters or representatives from a rideshare company until you have consulted with a rideshare attorney. Rideshare attorneys can help you navigate your way to a potentially better outcome by providing expert analysis, investigation, consultation, negotiation, and leverage. Let our experience lead the way and get you the results you seek and the compensation you deserve.

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