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Liability In A Florida Rideshare Accident

Liability In A Florida Rideshare Accident Lawyer, FloridaThe following article will cover:

  • The potential liability of rideshare companies for negligent hiring or inadequate driver screening if it leads to an accident.
  • Considerations for out-of-state visitors injured in a rideshare accident in Florida and their eligibility to hire Fenstersheib Law Group.
  • The role of an attorney in a rideshare personal injury case in Florida, including aggressive advocacy and maximizing financial outcomes.

Can A Rideshare Company Be Held Liable For Negligent Hiring Or Inadequate Driver Screening After An Accident?

Yes, a rideshare company can potentially be held liable for negligent hiring or inadequate driver screening if it results in an accident. For instance, if a rideshare driver was inebriated, texting, or under any influence, we would investigate their history and if the rideshare company was aware of it.

Such additional details can significantly affect the case and may not be considered unless an experienced attorney is involved. Attempting to file a claim independently may result in important nuances and protocols being overlooked.

Are There Any Unique Considerations For Out-Of-State Visitors Injured In A Rideshare Accident In Florida? Can They Still Hire Fenstersheib Law Group For Their Case?

Regardless of whether you are a resident or a visitor, if the accident occurred in Florida, you are eligible to hire the Fenstersheib Law Group. It is essential to hire an attorney in the state where the accident took place due to varying state laws.

Furthermore, an attorney must be licensed in the state where they practice, and lack of familiarity with Florida law could lead to missed critical factors or deadlines. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire a Florida-based attorney for accidents occurring in Florida.

How Can My Attorney Assist In A Rideshare Personal Injury Case In Florida?

Hiring an experienced rideshare legal expert, like Fenstersheib Law Group, is crucial. With our comprehensive understanding of rideshare companies and their insurance practices, we’re equipped to aggressively advocate for your best interests. Rideshare companies tend to be less likely to take advantage of claimants when they know they’re represented by experienced legal counsel, which often results in more favorable financial outcomes.

How Long Has Fenstersheib Law Group Been Handling Rideshare Accident Cases In Florida?

Fenstersheib Law Group has years of experience in representing clients involved in rideshare accidents. We understand the strategies employed by rideshare companies to minimize financial compensation and have successfully represented hundreds of clients against these entities and their insurance providers.

Our expertise extends beyond representing passengers involved in rideshare accidents—we also represent clients injured by negligent rideshare drivers. The complexity of these cases goes beyond what you would find in a typical car or truck accident, necessitating knowledge of how to deal with rideshare firms to maximize the financial outcome and protect the client’s legal rights.

When insurance companies for Uber or Lyft receive calls from Fenstersheib Law Group, they understand the claimants are properly represented and are less likely to take a forceful stance compared to dealing with less experienced attorneys.

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