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Need-to-Know Q&A for Passengers in Uber and Lyft Accidents

Getting into an accident is stressful under any circumstance, but it can be even more overwhelming when it happens to a passenger in a rideshare vehicle who was just trying to take a quick, convenient trip from point A to point B.

If you’ve been injured as a passenger in a Lyft or Uber, you may be wondering who was at fault and how to prove it, and even more importantly, how you will be compensated for your injuries and losses.

We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and answers that all injured rideshare passengers will need.

What important first steps need to be taken by someone who has been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident in Florida?

Anyone who has been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident should get the medical attention they need, and contact the police. A police officer should arrive at the scene of the accident to speak with witnesses, the parties involved, and write a police report that will later become very useful.

If possible, the injured party should try to gather evidence while they are still at the scene. Since evidence is quick to disappear, taking a few photos from a cell phone or even jotting down the name and contact information of any witnesses can make all the difference.

How much insurance coverage is there for Uber and Lyft vehicles?

Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you haven’t, but someone who has been injured as a passenger in a Lyft or Uber vehicle is better off than most when it comes to insurance coverage. Why?

Unlike ordinary cars in Florida, Lyft and Uber vehicles must carry a minimum amount of bodily injury liability (BIL) coverage. If the Lyft or Uber driver has a passenger in the vehicle at the time of an accident and the Lyft or Uber driver causes the accident, then the coverage that will apply may be in the amount of up to $1 million, that’s a whole lot better than most other auto insurances, especially in Florida.

Will Uber and Lyft insurance pay for all of the injured passenger’s medical bills?

The answer depends on whether the passenger owns their own vehicle in Florida. If they do, then the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage on their own auto insurance policy will kick in and cover the first $10,000 worth of medical costs.

What if an injured passenger does not own their own vehicle, and therefore doesn’t have PIP coverage?

If an injured passenger does not have PIP coverage, then they may be able to be covered by the PIP coverage on any relative’s auto policy, assuming the injured passenger lives with that relative. If this is not an option, THEN Lyft or Uber will pay $10,000 toward the injured passenger’s medical costs.

Can a passenger who was injured in an Uber or Lyft accident sue the at-fault party?

Yes. An injured passenger has the right to file a claim against a third party who caused the accident. This claim can include pain and suffering.

In Florida, will the PIP coverage on the injured passenger’s policy always apply, no matter what?

Not necessarily, and this is a very important point. In order for the full benefit of PIP to apply, the injured passenger must receive medical treatment and a diagnosis of an ‘emergency medical condition’ within 14 days of the injury. If the injured passenger seeks medical treatment but does not receive this diagnosis, then the amount of PIP coverage available to them will be reduced from $10,000 to just $2,500. If the injured passenger does not seek medical attention at all within 14 days, then they will not be eligible to receive PIP benefits.

Should the first settlement offer made by Uber or Lyft be accepted?

In general, the first offer is always the lowest offer. In almost all cases, the injured party’s damages are worth well above the initial amount offered. Injured passengers need to remember that the insurance companies working for Uber and Lyft are the same as all other insurance companies, in that their ultimate goal is to save money and avoid paying claims, or at least pay as little as possible.

Does an injured passenger really need to hire an attorney in Florida?

One of the best decisions an injured passenger in Florida can make is to hire an Uber & Lyft rideshare accident attorney. An attorney who specializes in handling these types of claims will waste no time in initiating an investigation on behalf of their injured client, speaking to insurance companies on their behalf, and advocating for a fair settlement amount.

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