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Rideshare Accident Personal Injury Claims

Rideshare Accident Personal Injury Claims Lawyer, FloridaThe following article will cover:

  • The immediate steps to take after a rideshare accident in Florida.
  • Measures passengers can take to ensure they are adequately protected by insurance when using rideshare services.
  • Rideshare drivers’ personal liability in Florida for injuries sustained by passengers and the determination of fault or negligence in rideshare personal injury cases.

What Steps Should I Take Immediately After Being Injured In A Rideshare Accident In Florida?

In the event of a rideshare accident in Florida, taking the right steps can greatly affect the outcome of any ensuing legal proceedings:

  • Call the police: This is crucial in order to have an official account of how the accident occurred and to ensure your side of the story is accurately documented.
  • Contact the Fenstersheib Law Group: We advise against providing statements or signing any documents while in a state of shock. We can guide you through the process to prevent any undue exploitation.
  • Document the incident: Capture photographs of the scene, your vehicle, visible injuries, and anything that seems relevant. Documentation is key in any legal process.
  • Gather information: Acquire the rideshare driver’s name, contact information, and proof of insurance. Additionally, obtain the contact information and insurance details of any other parties involved. Save any ride information from your phone as proof of booking.
  • Report any injuries: It is crucial to report injuries to both the police and the emergency medical team, even if they seem minor at first. Remember, some injuries may not be immediately apparent. If needed, request transportation to a hospital for further evaluation.

Remember, it is imperative not to provide statements to insurance agents at the scene of the accident. In such a stressful situation, you may unintentionally provide information that could negatively affect your claim.

How Can Passengers Ensure That They Are Adequately Protected By Insurance When Using Rideshare Services?

When using rideshare services, there are several steps you can take to ensure your protection:

  • Book with your own account: This provides proof that you were an authorized passenger in the rideshare vehicle.
  • Verify the vehicle: Before getting into a rideshare vehicle, check that the license plate matches the one displayed in your booking app. This is important not only for liability purposes but also for your safety.

Can You Contact The Rideshare Company To Get Information On Their Insurance?

While possible, contacting the rideshare company directly for insurance information is not recommended. It could potentially harm your case, as they could record your conversation or attempt to make you sign a release for a small settlement. This might seem tempting initially but could leave you in a difficult position if your injuries require more extensive treatment.

Can A Rideshare Driver In Florida Be Held Personally Liable For Injuries Sustained By Passengers In An Accident?

Yes, a rideshare driver in Florida can indeed be held personally liable for injuries sustained by passengers. However, in the event of a lawsuit, both the rideshare company and the driver would typically be named. The extent to which the driver’s personal liability insurance is involved depends on specific circumstances, as the rideshare company’s coverage generally takes precedence.

How Is Fault Or Negligence Determined In Rideshare Personal Injury Cases In Florida?

Fault determination in rideshare personal injury cases follows the same process as in other auto accidents. Either the vehicle you were in is found to be at fault, or the other involved vehicle is. The party at fault is then held responsible for addressing your injuries and compensating for your pain and suffering.

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