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What steps should I take if I am involved in a rideshare accident as a passenger?

Just like with any accident, if you are injured, you should seek immediate medical help. Contact the local paramedics and ask to be transported to the nearest medical facility if you are unable to get there by yourself. You will want all your injuries to be documented, so it is extra important to be seen by a doctor right away. The next step you should take would be to contact your local law enforcement agency to report the accident, so they can take proper notes and thoroughly examine the scene. It is vital to get the contact information of any drivers or witnesses involved. It is also strongly recommended that you don’t talk to any insurance adjusters directly about any claims or settlements. This is because their main job is to save their company money when it comes to claim payouts – they will not have your best interest in mind. It would be wise to contact an experienced personal injury attorney for advice on how to proceed.

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