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Reporting Unsafe Uber Drivers: An Overview

Today, rideshare companies have become a regular part of daily life in most major cities, as well as many smaller ones, towns, and communities. They offer a service that certainly has value; ridesharing is convenient, easy to use, and affordable. And in general, Uber vehicles are typically clean and maintained, and the drivers are, for the most part, safe, considerate drivers. There’s a lot of pluses, indeed. However, no system is ever perfect, and for those rare times, you encounter an unsafe driver Uber provides an avenue for reporting them, with the ultimate goal of taking dangerous drivers out of their system for good.

Unsafe Uber Drivers: Tips On How To Spot Them

We all have expectations and standards when we interact with businesses; we expect quality, service, safety, etc. But when a business or service is not up to par we are not only disappointed, we sometimes are left with a feeling that we need to warn others, to report the underperforming business or service however we can, or at least make a public record. In regard to Uber, and rideshare drivers, we expect a quality driver and a well-maintained car, and above all else, we expect them to be safe drivers. And when a driver is reckless or practicing unsafe driving measures, or there is a potential safety issue with the car, these things need to be reported. We’ve compiled a “watch for” list below, for your convenience. This list is an overview of some commonly reported issues, what you should watch for, and more.


Drivers need to obey all traffic laws and speeding is a major issue. If a driver is exceeding the posted legal speed limit, or using poor judgment and driving faster than road conditions warrant (such as still driving the speed limit in a downpour of heavy rain that is seriously decreasing visibility), then they should be reported. When a rideshare driver is driving in an unsafe manner, such as speeding, they are putting lives at risk, first and foremost, in addition to breaking the law and Uber policy.

Cellphone Usage

Individual states vary on how they deal with the issue of cellphone usage while driving, but most lawmakers and citizens agree that talking or texting while you’re driving is a very bad idea, and is unsafe. When we’re driving we need to be focused on driving only. Driving is an activity that requires your full attention. Road conditions change constantly; other drivers move around you, sometimes recklessly; traffic can come to a stop abruptly; objects or people could suddenly be in your path; and the list goes on and on. The only way to navigate all of this safely is to be fully aware at all times. When eyes and mind are on the road, the chance of having an accident is decreased. When drivers are talking on the phone or texting, the chance of having an accident is greatly increased. Make sure that your driver is complying with state laws, and that they are implementing safe driving techniques and practices.

Fatigued Driving

Everyone gets a little sleepy or worn out from time to time, but when we are tired, that is no time to be driving a vehicle! Whether an Uber driver chooses to drive during early morning rush hour, or busy weekend nights after the bars close, they need to be refreshed and awake and prepared to drive safely. A tired driver is a dangerous driver, and studies have shown that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

Aggressive Drivers

Let’s face it, city driving can be a wild and crazy ride as it is, with regular drivers zooming and zipping to make it home after a long day at work, get to an important meeting on time, or meet friends for the big game. And it is in these urban centers where Uber is most active. Therefore, your Uber driver in a city is already dealing with some pretty intense driving situations by simply being on the road with the average city driver zooming to and fro around them. Uber drivers should take the high road so to speak and exercise safe driving practices at all times, especially in the sometimes chaotic traffic of a major city. If you have an Uber driver who is driving aggressively, shouting at other cars and drivers, whipping in and out of lanes to gain position recklessly, speeding, etc., they should be reported because they are putting lives at risk.

Disregard For Traffic Laws

Much thought, time, and effort are put into the development of traffic laws for a city; they are not random. City traffic laws serve multiple purposes, but the most important one is safety. Running stop signs, accelerating to make it through an intersection when the light is yellow, illegally passing, etc., are all unsafe practices. If you have an Uber driver who is practicing those kinds of unsafe driving maneuvers, clearly disregarding traffic laws, then that driver is putting you in danger and they should be reported. If you feel you are in immediate danger, you can cancel your ride whenever you want. Tell the driver you would like to stop at the next available safe pull over the spot and exit the vehicle. Your safety is important and riding in a car driven by someone who disregards traffic laws puts you in danger.

Steps For Reporting An Unsafe Uber Driver

When you’re riding in an Uber and begin to experience any of the aforementioned dangerous driving issues, or if your driver does anything at all that makes you feel uneasy, you can report them to Uber. Uber has a system for reporting dangerous drivers, and it is Uber’s position that they seek to take these kinds of drivers off the road and thus encourage reporting. If your driver is clearly breaking traffic laws and putting lives at risk, you should first report them to the appropriate law enforcement agency, then file your official complaint with the particular rideshare company and report that unsafe driver.

Filing Your Report

When you’re ready to file your report with Uber, sign in to your account and file it under ‘Trip Issues and Refunds’ and ‘my driver drove dangerously.’ Once you’re in this section you can provide details, such as information about your trip and destination, issues, etc. Details are good, so feel free to document your experience well. After you file you might be contacted by Uber, depending on your comments, and if Uber deems the driver to be negligent they will take appropriate action.

What Action Does Uber Take Regarding Unsafe Drivers?

When a complaint is filed on an Uber driver, Uber investigates. If Uber feels their investigation shows the driver was unsafe, they may be deactivated, and thus no longer able to drive for Uber.

It is possible for the driver to be reinstated, but this depends on their overall record, reviews, etc. The chance of a driver being reinstated is low however, especially if Uber finds that the driver violated their company policy, or if the complaint against them was rather significant.

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